Unconventional Strategies

Welcome to the Unconventional Strategies page!  By unconventional we really mean creative.  Here you will get weekly ideas and strategies that can really enhance your effectiveness with your most difficult students.  Most difficult students do not care enough about traditional disciplinary techniques like rules and consequences so they are often unaffected by these.  That does not mean we should abandon important strategies that provide structure, direction and predictability for all students. 

However, it does mean that we need to have a number of unconventional strategies that you might not want to use with all students, but you will often need to use with those who are more challenging.   There are always reasons NOT to use unconventional strategies because at first they might feel awkward to you.  It takes guts and courage as well as commitment to do what is best for all of your students to try them anyway.  Enjoy and good luck!

Swimming Noodles Anyone?

I recently met a teacher that uses the styrophome swimming noodles to help kids with ADHD.  She cuts the noodle into three pieces (used for three separate students) and places them at the feet of the ADHD student.  The student then is able to move the noodle while sitting at his desk.  Remember, often times these kids just need a little bit of movement.  The noodle is completely silent as it rolls back and forth!   





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