Teaching Mistakes

Stop telling kids to Stop!

We often hear teachers tell their students to stop doing things.  Stop talking, stop laughing, stop moving around, stop, stop stop.  Instead of telling kids to stop, structure a time and place for them to do the behavior. 

For example, if kids are talking for 15 minutes, a teacher might say, "guys, right now the talking is excessive.  However, I like that you want to talk to each other and I will give you some time to do this every day.  So, which five minutes would you prefer to talk?  The beginning, middle, or end of class?" 

Then allow them to decide which five minutes they will take.  After the class decides, let them know that "you trust they will stop talking after five minutes and you will not even have to tell them when their time is up".  During their five minutes of talking you can now talk with them.  Get to know them better, and build relationships with students you might not talk with on a daily basis. Good luck!

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