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On-site Training Programs

Our on-site workshops offer value, customization, and convenience. Our highly acclaimed motivating experts will provide relevant, effective strategies in a lively, fast-paced manner. We strive to provide practical methods for educators that can be immediately implemented in the classroom. Our goal is to provide the best staff development training to your school, district, or organization. Whether you are looking for a keynote, half or full day, or a district wide approach, we can match you up with the right presenter for the job.

On-site workshops offered:

Discipline with Dignity®

This highly practical seminar was specifically developed to help you work more successfully with difficult-to-reach students. Our trainers will show you how to apply the renowned Discipline with Dignity approach with tailored, new strategies that will help even your most challenging students.

Numerous, highly effective methods of discipline prevention and intervention with difficult, unmotivated and hard-to-reach students will be offered. You'll learn a variety of ways for diffusing power struggles; as well as problem solving; calming and self-control strategies; all while establishing a discipline program aimed at preventing most discipline problems before they occur. You'll leave this seminar with a great variety of strategies you'll be able to use immediately in your own classroom or school.

Motivating Hard to Reach, Uninterested and Disruptive Students

This seminar shows educators how to inspire motivation for learning and behaving among difficult-to-reach students. Problems with motivation are usually seen among students who misbehave. We will explore the specifics that lead students to become unmotivated and most importantly, effective methods that help them make better choices. Educators will learn five major themes of motivation and numerous practical strategies to use in the classroom or school that effectively awaken student motivation.

Strategies for Successful Classroom Management

At this high energy ground breaking seminar you will learn the one secret strategy that every teacher needs for successful classroom management. You will gain dozens of strategies to improve lessons and eliminate disruption. We will show you how to differentiate instruction without adding any work for the teacher. You will learn five specific ways to involve students when making important classroom decisions. Finally, you will understand the three biggest classroom management mistakes and how to avoid making them.

Handling Bullying and Harmful Aggression

This seminar focuses on how schools can create a connected school so bullying and other forms of harmful aggression are minimized. Eight school-wide guidelines provide the basis for the many specific methods taught to support the victim, limit the bully and empower the bystanders. Seminar participants will leave knowing what they can do to prevent this problem and how to intervene effectively when it occurs.

Differentiate Instruction to Make Inclusion Work

This seminar provides dozens of strategies to teach a large group of students functioning at different levels. Learn three things teachers must know when differentiating instruction. Discover how to eliminate student and parent complaints that often occur during the differentiation process. Understand the three most common mistakes inclusion teachers make and how to avoid them.

District/School Wide Discipline Programs

Educators know in order to affect systemic change, the message must be continually reinforced. Therefore, we have developed a cost effective program to make sure the program is correctly implemented. Here is how the program works. There are three training sessions: The first one is with the whole staff and is a full day. The second session is with a small group of staff usually made up of administrators, teachers and support staff. This team is responsible for making sure the Discipline with Dignity methods are being correctly implemented. The third training session can be a combination of school and classroom observation, staff training and consultation. We will customize this training based on the other two training sessions.

Drop-Out Prevention

Our program is designed to focus on ways that motivate youth who are headed down the "drop out" path to reaching the finish line, graduation! There are many factors that affect why students eventually drop out such as teen pregnancy, incarceration, bullying, and not feeling connected with teachers. Our program can not prevent incarceration or teen pregnancy, but we can help schools limit bullying, create safe and productive environments for learning, and give educators strategies to connect with all of their students. Furthermore, we will show your staff ways to motivate their unmotivated students.

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